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Onxy Sinks

Onyx Sinks | Read Article

The Onyx Sink—Jewelry and Sculpture for your Home. Onyx—it’s a precious gem from which man has carved jewelry and works of art for centuries. Now this jewel and artwork has found its way into the modern bath and kitchen—in the form of the onyx sink—a true work of art.

Tuscan Fire | Read Article

Tuscan Fire Glass

A totally new design. By fusing together layers of glass in a specially designed kiln, the process combines glass, organic media and extreme heat to create the finest quality glass.


LED Lighting | Read Article

LED Lighting

What’s small, bright, lights beautifully, leaves a small carbon footprint and will not burn out in your lifetime? The new 75 watt light chip that uses only 16 watts of energy!

Your Online Resource for "What's New" in Functional Art . . . where art and functionality come together to create the next generation of design. Our quarterly newsletter features articles on top artists creating unique sinks, lighting, custom furniture, and much more!

Featured Projects

Ed PennebakerArtist: Ed Pennebaker
Client: Gena Oddo

Ed hand-crafted each piece for Gena’s chandeliers from his Red Fern Glass, a small hot glass studio where he uses traditional offhand glassblowing techniques from the back woods near Osage, Arkansas.
Read article.


Featured Artist

Rocco borgheseRocco Borghese

Rocco Borghese draws inspiration from plants, trees, dreams and surreal artworks in creating the modern Italian lighting, Murano chandeliers and standing floor lights.
Read article.


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FAQ is an online newsletter for Artisan Crafted that represents the finest glass artists,
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FAQ -- Functional Art Quarterly . . . .

Functional Art Quarterly is an online newsletter for Glass Artists Gallery, Sinks Gallery, Artisan Crafted Lighting. Articles on featured artists, projects incorporating glass art into the design, new artists and more.

Glass Artists Gallery

Glass Artist Gallery represents over 70 glass artists making handcrafted glass sinks, chandeliers, indoor and outdoor lighting, hand crafted tiles, wall art, vessels, architectural glass, furniture, sculpture and accessories. Shop for yourself or for a client with our online project folder service. Custom and stock items available.
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Sinks Gallery

Sinks Gallery offers artisan-quality kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bar sinks, bath furniture, lighting, faucets, and accessories. We invite designers,architects, builders and discerning homeowners to browse our galleries to find 1000s of beautifully handcrafted works of art.
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Artisan Crafted Lighting

Artisan Crafted Lighting specializes in custom artisan-crafted and design lighting. We work with hundreds of artists who are creating unique chandeliers, sconces, pendants, ceiling fans, table lamps,floor lamps and more. If you are looking for lighting that is also a work of art, you are in the right place.
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