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October 2008
Featured Artist

Rocco Borghese

Rocco Borghese draws inspiration from plants, trees, dreams and surreal artworks in creating the modern Italian lighting, Murano chandeliers and standing floor lights. Each is an individual work of art, designed and made specifically for its owner and the room or space in which it will shine. Rocco Borghese - Blown Glass

Rocco Borghese is immersed in his one true passion - creating beautiful and unique lighting sculptures, custom-designed to grace the homes of those seeking, not just a light fixture, but a beautiful work of art.


A student of architecture and interior design, as well as a talented, second-generation glass blower, Rocco meets the challenge of each space his commissions will adorn, with knowledge and talent, ensuring his creations both reflect the very character of the home owners but also is tailor made for its architectural environment.

Each individual and artistic piece is commissioned. They can be created in pairs or multiples, but each is an individual work of art. Not one will be identical. Each piece is made in his gallery and comes with a certificate signed by Rocco for originality, or for future collective valuation.

Born in Southern Italy, Rocco’s interest in the art of glass blowing began at age 13 as he watched his father, a glass blower with a true passion for the art. His father’s work,Rocco Borghese Lightingwhich extended to Murano glass, took him to Venezia where he became a highly respected glass sculptor with so profound a talent that he opened his own school for glass furnace work. Here, under the loving tutelage of his father, Rocco began his apprenticeship as a teenage boy, learning the ancient art of glass blowing, and continuing his education at the university, studying architecture and design.

Rocco Borghese LightingThe art of glass blowing demands natural ability and complete and exacting dedication, requiring the mastery of fusing techniques and split second timing to effectively manage the 1000 degrees of heat required to work with glass. Countless years of trial and error are involved. After his many years of practice and devotion, Rocco has mastered his own creative style and has gone on to design an entirely new concept in the art from - individual pieces made for the specific requirements of the individuals who commission them.


Rocco maintains a showroom and workshop at Crouch End in North London, where he creates his fascinating and unique pieces. His lighting sculptures are visually captivating, perfectly designed to suit their ultimate environment while still meeting the practical requirements of illumination.

To see more of Rocco Borghese work, please click here.

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