Functional Art Quarterly
October 2008
LED Lighting

Bright Environmentally-Friendly Lighting Leads the Trends

New 75 Watt Light Chip What’s small, bright, lights beautifully, leaves a small carbon footprint and will not burn out in your lifetime? The new 75 watt light chip that uses only 16 watts of energy!

Our new lines of environmentally friendly Solid State Lighting offer exciting opportunities for the home and commercial customer alike to brighten their lighting, lower energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint we all make! Even better, the light chips, small and bright, bring a new level of function and creativity to art lighting...whether your style is whimsical, organic, modernistic or sleekly functional.

Lighting by J. ThompsonSolid State Technology (SSL) uses a small light chip (the size of a quarter) to give off its light. There are no bulbs that can break or moving parts to malfunction. The light chip does not contain the mercury present in compact fluorescents and does not emit harmful UV or ultraviolet rays.

If our Solid State Light is left on for four hours a day, every day of the year, in 70 years it will be giving off 60% of the brightness it gave the first day it was turned on. It seemingly lasts forever, using far less energy than current incandescent lighting. For example, a three globe chandelier would give off the same amount of light as 225 watts of incandescent light but use only 48W of energy. That means our Solid State Lights are 370% more efficient than incandescent lights!

Once known for the bright blue lights we have seen on sidewalks across the country- this new LED technology has been refined into three shades of white: cool, neutral or warm white.

Lighting by J. ThompsonThe colored light chips, such as those used in our Lotus Chandelier, are capable of producing vivid hues of colored light without the use of filters (which waste light & energy).

Our lighting artist, Joe Thompson, is very excited to be a pioneer in the latest strides in environmentally conscious lighting. We pass our confidence on to our customers by offering a Lifetime Guarantee on every light. We promise that your light will never burn out, and if it ever does, we will replace it free of charge!

Click here to view lighting by Joe Thompson.

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