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October 2008
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Onyx Sinks

The Onyx Sink—Jewelry and Sculpture
for your Home.

Onyx—it’s a precious gem from which man has carved jewelry and works of art for centuries. Now this jewel and artwork has found its way into the modern bath and kitchen—in the form of the onyx sink—a true work of art. A work of art that can functionally serve you in your own home!


Onyx Sink

Onyx is a semi-precious gemstone of quartz variety with an extremely fine crystal formation. Most often recognized as the deep, black stone used in jewelry, onyx is actually found in a wide variety of colors and shades the world over. Onyx is prized for its translucency, alternating light and dark striations and unique color combinations. This wonderful stone is often associated with friendship, and as a bringer of joy and tranquility. Because of its age, and how it was formed, Onyx creates a bond between man and earth. It gives us a connection to the Ancients.

No matter your style preference or color choice, there is an onyx sink which can transform your kitchen or bath décor.

Each of our onyx sinks is an original sculpture, carved by a dedicated and skilled artisan from a single block of onyx. The professional stone sculptors in our studios hand pick the material for each of their vessels and then, set about transforming the stone into a functional work of art for your home. The talents of our artisans and the natural, individual characters of the onyx make each vessel a precious, one-of-a-kind creation.

Onyx SinksFrom delicate carved shells and lotus blooms to heavy, imposing basins, to free-form, organic shapes, this beautiful and versatile stone is carved into a variety of styles and shapes to suit a variety of decors.

And, because Onyx is found the world over in a variety of colors and variegated shades of those colors, there is a color to complement your décor. Basic colors include black, white, honey, green, red, rose, orange and many beautiful variegated shades, often made even more beautiful through back lighting.

One idea: let the unique colors of the stone set the tone for your new décor!

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Let Tuscan Fire Brighten Your Bath

Tuscan Fire Glass

Tuscan Fire! A totally new design, its glowing, sophisticated beauty shines throughout the complete sink and pedestal installation. Combining both organic and sleek Italian design to bring the wow factor to any bath, this ¾” thick, handmade, textured glass in both sink, pedestal and framed mirror has a 3-D pattern effect, gained through the extensive use of layering and metallic luster.

By fusing together layers of glass in a specially designed kiln, the process combines glass, organic media and extreme heat to create the finest quality glass, resulting in a spectacular spectrum of color and design. Due Tuscan Fire Glassto this unique process, no two sink-pedestal combinations are exactly alike, but colors can be made similar. Each sink is hand made in the USA, and signed by the artist.

This beautiful hand made textured glass vessel and pedestal bring an unmatched firey beauty, sophistication and elegance to your home.

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